Sunday, 5 September 2010


This is probably one of my favourite Android apps that I use.

It's pretty much an app to control uTorrent on your PC. It works the same way the web access works in uTorrent, where you can connect via a pre-defined IP address and manage any torrents that are currently in your uTorrent. With Torrent-fu, you can also search for torrents on your phone and begin downloading them on your PC. You can also scan a barcode of an item, such as a movie, and it will search for a torrent for that movie.

The app is free, and can be found by searching for torrent-fu on the Market.


  1. ahh i had no idea this app existed!! thank you for the info :)

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  4. wow great stuff, gotta get this

  5. I have a BB from work, so no need for a personal phone. However, I may get the Samsung Galaxy when it comes out, as long as it's not like $800; I'm not an Apple user after all.

  6. Awesome blog man, i have an android phone too and the apps you post here are very cool!

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