Sunday, 6 February 2011

Unrevoked3 Rooting

After having an extended length of absence from the blog, thought I'd pick it back up again after only saying I'd be gone for a week.

This post is about rooting Android HTC Phones with Unrevoked's program that easily and simply roots HTC phones. As I have a HTC phone, I don't know what other programs there are to root other Android phones, so this post is mostly aimed at HTC users.

The Android phone it supports are the EVO 4G, Hero, Eris, Wildfire, Aria, Desire (GSM and CDMA) and the Droid Incredible as of version 3.22.

There's a version of the tool for Windows, Linux and Mac OS and pretty much all you have to do is connect your phone to your PC in debug mode and let it do it's thing. There are other things you need to do like not have HTC Sync installed and for Windows you need to install HBOOT USB drivers beforehand.  A more extensive guide on doing it can be found here and also goes on to explain how to flash custom ROMs, which is one of the benefits of rooting your device.

There's more apps you can also use that require a rooted device, such as setCPU to squeeze a bit more out of the phone's CPU, Titanium Backup, which is probably one of the most extensive backup apps on Android and so on. There's also plenty of ROMs that can be used, some which add a lot more features and bundle in useful apps, or maybe you just want a stock Android ROM instead of HTC's Sense.

The downside to rooting is you can't receive OTA updates for your device. You either need to download the update itself and flash it yourself, or download the RUU for the latest update, which flashes your phone back to factory settings.

The latest version of the program can be downloaded from here. Enjoy.