Friday, 13 April 2012

Skyvi and absence

Skyvi is basically Siri for Android. It works in the same way as Siri does, just ask it to do something for you. I've been having a play around and it's actually quite good. A lot better than Google Voice. I wouldn't say the voice is as good as in Siri though, but it still works really well.

Key features are:

  • Voice Texting
  • Find and Call Places
  • Get Directions
  • Call Contacts
  • Location Reminders
  • Local Weather and Time
  • Access Facebook with voice
  • Access Twitter with voice
  • Text by voice
  • Tweet or update Facebook status with voice
  • Ask questions with voice
  • Fun chat and witty remarks.
Best of all as well it's free for a limited time at the moment, so it's worth grabbing for free while you can. 

I also will be absent from tomorrow. I'm off to London for a week or so, and won't get chance to post on here really, but I shall continue when I do return.


  1. Well its good someone came out with a droid version.

  2. All my little brothers got android phones by my parents except for me but I'm wondering if this can be one for them. All I see in theirs is Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja...

  3. I heard about this. Siri, however, is more refined.

  4. The android vs iPhone battle continues I see! May the best man...I mean, phone, win.

  5. Not a bad substitute for Siri, if you're all about voice commands.

  6. Siri is a nice little thing, but no must-have application. But it's a great move to have something similar for android.

  7. there were already a couple siri like apps for android long before apple came up with siri, i will take a look an Skyvi as well!

  8. Siri was one of the major reasons I was considering an iPhone. Nice to see Android phones have an alternative. Also, enjoy your trip :)

  9. Seems like it will really come in handy and best of all free. Thanks for sharing. Cool blog, going to follow.