Monday, 14 May 2012


Having a new dual core phone, I thought I'd purchase GTA 3 to see how it runs as a mobile game. To say the least, I am really surprised how well it does run on a mobile, and it is really easy to play. My first thought was how did an entire console/PC game manage to be fit in to a mobile app, but then I suppose the rate at which mobile phones have evolved has been quite spectacular in recent years.

The graphics are brilliant for a mobile game. They've been improved from the console version, to graphics similar to the PC version. Nothing has been scaled down or held back for this version.

The controls are all touched based buttons on the screen. There's a button to get in to a car, a button to sprint etc. They all work really well and are all really responsive for the simple actions, but it gets awkward and starts to fall apart when actions such as drive-by shooting are performed. 

I'm sure the majority of people played this back in the day (personally, this is my favourite GTA game), but I'm sure it will be a blast for everyone to play this on a mobile device. It's not so much suited for quick play sessions like most mobile games, as to save the game you have to drive to a safe house, but it's certainly a different type of game to play on mobile.

I think it's better suited to larger screens like tablets, but large mobile phone screens can handle it easily and it's not too cramped with the virtual buttons on screen.

The app is about 9MB to download off Google Play, but a further ~500MB needs to be downloaded before playing through the app itself. Android phones that support it can also have joypads connected to the device to play with one of them, too.


  1. Thats pretty cool, so you can drive your car while you're driving a car and crash while you're crashing.

  2. Lol @ matt. I cant picture playing GTA off console.

  3. Very cool I need to get a new smart phone soon I'm pushing the limits of my overclocked galaxy s

  4. This sounds like a really cool app, could you give me some suggestions for on a Galaxy Nexus please?

  5. I heard about this port a while ago, I'm surprised it is well received

  6. I'm planning on going back to an Android when I am up for an upgrade. As soon as I do I'm gonna check this out. I haven't really tried any games like this on a mobile so it should be interesting.

  7. So I decided to install this on my girlfriend's droid to check it out. It was pretty sweet but it definitely lends itself more to longer game play. Most of the games I play are when I have a quick 5 minutes to relax so the shorter play games are more suited to me. The graphics were freakin' sweet though.

    1. Yea you're right. It's not the type of game for a quick session, but it's still insane how a full game runs on a phone.