Monday, 7 May 2012

HTC One S Micro-Arc Oxidation problem

Sorry for another absence. Been busy with final year exams at University.

So after getting my One S (I got the black version), I noticed after a few days I had small scratches on the top of the phone. I figured these were because I kept my phone in the same pocket I had coins in at one point. I didn't think much of it at first as I was busy in London, until I got back home.

I was looking online on the XDA forums, and noticed a thread about it. Everyone in the thread were posting about how their phone has the problems and looking at photos, it was the same problem I had.

I went investigating further, and saw it was indeed a design problem with the phone. The black version's case has an oxidation finish on it. The aluminium case is blasted with 10,000 volts of electricity, and HTC advertised the phone of being able to withstand every day wear and tear, and, as the phone has gorilla glass coating the front, it didn't need a protective case on as the case was so strong.

Well my phone told a different story after just two days of use. HTC are aware of the issue, and have said handsets will be replaced and they were working on a fixed batch of phones. I went to Carphone Warehouse, which is who I got the phone through, and even though they hadn't heard of the issue in my local one, they still gave me a new handset no problem, so I was happy...

...Until yesterday when I noticed more scratches on the top of the phone, and I'd looked after this handset more carefully than my 3 year old son, and I don't even have a son.

I bought an official HTC pouch to keep the phone in while it was in my pocket. It fit the phone perfectly, so while it was in my pocket, or out on my desk it was perfectly protected. I went to bed Saturday night and woke up Sunday, took the phone out to check messages/emails and noticed the scratches in the same place.

I'm going back to Carphone Warehouse and going to ask if they have any solid information yet and wait until the fixed batch appear whenever that is. I love the phone and find it great, but don't want to keep one that's gonna have scratches all over it in a few months time.


  1. Wow that's lame, hate when you buy something new to find out it has a recall or bug. Good luck with that process, hopefully its not too much of a pain in the ass exchanging it.

  2. Dang hope the new one doesn't scratch easily

  3. Ouh, bad thing, I'm thinking in getting an Android soon so I'm following you! Nice blog.

  4. Bad problem, really uncool!
    Nice blog.

  5. my problem is battery.....

  6. I find the battery to be perfectly fine for what I need it for.

  7. I like that it is sturdy

  8. The only critical thing might be is the battery.but it's not the big issue.....

    HTC One S