Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Blog and update on micro-arc oxidation problem for the HTC One S

Despite the inactivity for the last few weeks, I've opened up a new blog I will start posting on soon.

It's going to be a diary while I play the ARMA 2 mod Day Z. I've been playing it quite a lot lately, and just been getting to grips with it all and seeing what the newer updates are adding before beginning my diary. As the new updates have changed the starting equipment, it should be interesting when I start a new character, so I'll begin posting soon, so check it out if you're interested. It'll probably be around the end of this month I'll begin.

The address to this blog is

So on to the MAO problem.

The last update I made I left it on going in to Carphone Warehouse for an exchange. I received my second handset, and was leaving it to see what official announcements were going to come up. I had 28 days to exchange this handset as well if I needed to.

Nothing was announced and I got to my final day, so I just went in and exchanged it. Got it all set back up and that was that. I was going to London in two days, so thought I'd talk to someone in CPW in Lancaster and then just go back to the one I originally got the phone from in London.

Before I went to the train station to get the train to London, I called in to CPW, asked if I can either exchange to the grey HTC One S, or switch to a HTC One X. I was told because I can't get the HTC One X for free in my tariff, I'd have to pay £99. Wasn't really wanting to do that, so I just left it.

The phone at this point had no chips on it, until Thursday evening when my girlfriend and I went out with her Mother. I put the phone in to my pocket and I heard it tap against a 10 pence piece I had in that pocket. I took my phone out and there was a small chip on it where the phone had hit it. It didn't even hit it hard, it just slid down in to my pocket. I took the coin out and tapped it against the top of my phone, and sure enough it chipped it. This phone was marketed to be able to withstand every day wear and tear. If that doesn't include rubbing against coins in your pocket, then what does it mean?

The next day my girlfriend and I drove to Devon for a Christening, and on the Saturday we went to Torquay. Called in to the CPW there and asked the guy there the same question I asked to the one in the Lancaster store. Got told I can switch to the One X for £50. A better price, and was considering it. My girlfriend asked him if that price is the same in any CPW store I visit, as she was there when I got told £99 in Lancaster. He said yea it is, so I said I'd think about it and sort it out once I was back in London.

I didn't get chance to go in to one in London until the Wednesday because of the jubilee celebrations. I went in expecting to be able to switch to the One X. Explained everything to the guy and said I've been told I can upgrade to the One X for £50. He looked at me and just said, "Sorry, that isn't possible". He then went on to explain I can only exchange for the same device I have, which is a One S, and they don't have any grey models in stock.

I left the store and when I got back to the house I rang up their complaints line and the guy on the phone told me the same thing as well, and I should go back in and sort it out in the store. The next day I went back in and told the woman everything in there (the same guy wasn't there), and she told me I can't switch to a different handset as they have to follow Orange's rules and Orange don't allow customers to switch handsets before their upgrade date, whereas if I was with O2, I would be allowed to.

So I just said I'd get another One S for now and I was planning on contacting Orange directly about it. My annoyance is that I was told 3 different things from CPW. Touch wood though, the phone I have now hasn't got any defects on it or chips, and it'll be two weeks tomorrow I have it and I've not treating it any differently, keeping in mind that chips on previous handsets I've had have chipped for no apparent reason just using it. It is a newer model this phone though going by the handset, so I may be lucky with this one.

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